The Style Gallery

We have a huge range of panels of different colours, sizes, thicknesses and designs and textures. So it is easy to become overawed with the amount of variety of boards when looking to choose cladding panels for your bathroom or anywhere else with your home or workplace. If you do not want to look at red sparkle, hewn slate and distressed grey oak and a huge range of different styles all at the same time while trying to decide, then here is the place to start.

Everyone has different tastes. Some people may be all about the Hollywood Glamour, while someone else is looking for the steadfast character of Rock. Some people will prefer a “Boutique” touch while others will be looking for a bold tile designs. Therefore, we have taken the chance to order our panels into style collections. So, if you are looking for rock effects, or something with sparkle, or anything else, then this is your chance just to look at just the designs that match your criteria. Split in to six different “Collections”, this page gives you the change to see all your choices in bite sized pieces.

But if you wish to search just by size of panel or colour, then just click back to our homepage to access the panels through another gateway. And while you are there make sure to look at the finishing trims that you may need to complete the vision that you are looking to create.

ROCK EFFECT BATHROOM CLADDING - No words evoke the feeling of strength more than “rock” and “stone”.  It is therefore no surprise that phrases derived from these words run all the way through the English language; from “carved in stone” and “set in stone” to “rock solid” and “steady as a rock”, they have become synonymous with solidity and toughness.  It was with this spirit that we looked to create our Rock Collection.  Drawing inspiration from many types of natural rock structures, we set ourselves the task of giving you a range of products that that would show the glorious natural patterns of the material and in ways that would suit many different settings.

SPARKLE EFFECT BATHROOM CLADDING - There is a little bit of magpie in all of us.  Our attention is instantly drawn to things that glitter, shine and sparkle.  Once, it was only with precious metals and gems that this could be achieved.  However, with the advancement in materials and manufacturing, we can all have “jewellery” throughout our homes.  Our Sparkle collection is extensive, stretching from subtle shimmers, through chromed planked effects to full on Hollywood glamour sparkle.

TILE EFFECT BATHROOM CLADDING - The need for water in our homes has always necessitated the ability to make walls and floors impervious to it.  Historically, for most of us, this has meant the use of tiles in one way or another.  Even with all the mess of installation, the ongoing maintenance, and the compromise of hygiene, it was pretty much the only choice.  It is only we the advent of modern plastics and adhesives that genuine alternatives have been available.

WOOD EFFECT BATHROOM CLADDING - There is something primal about the look and feel of wood.  Being one of the earliest building materials, its huge variety and range of colours, patterns and textures have become part and parcel of our everyday world, both within our homes as well as outside.  It is probably the material that has been most imitated through other media in order to provide items and finishes to decorate our homes.  And even in an age where almost any pattern or design can be produced as decoration, wood is still a firm favourite when it comes to purchasing cladding.

MINIMAL STYLE BATHROOM CLADDING - It is difficult to argue that the modern world is not full of clutter and distractions that take us away from the very process of living.  Whether it is all the electronics we have around us, or the thousand little knickknacks that we seem to accrue along the way, there are times when we just need to “get away from it all”.  Although it began some decades ago, the concept of minimalism in décor is a style of decoration that is becoming more and more prevalent.  If our lives are a story, then sometimes, it is much easier to begin writing on a blank page.

BOUTIQUE STYLE BATHROOM CLADDING - It is almost impossible to define the word “boutique” when it comes to a style of design.  And although we may use words like “stylish”, “sophisticated”, “subtle”, “niche” or even somewhat “quirky”, it is far easier to point to it when we see it rather than to try and categorise it.  These designs may not be what everyone else may choose for rooms within their home, but it may just be the perfect fit for what you have in mind.  Using our own definition of the term, below, we are happy to show the designs that we feel fit best in to this category.