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Cladding World

Suppliers of Wall and Ceiling Panels

At Cladding World, we believe we have an obligation to take both the veteran builder and the inexperienced DIYers through the whole process of choosing the right product and obtaining the perfect installation within any room.  With ten years of experience, we have built a range of products that not only look fabulous, but once installed will continue to do so for many years to come. 
From plain functional white, through to a range of colours and styles and all the way to deluxe panels created to fit in any room, your choices are endless.  And together with a range of finishing trims and adhesives, this is the only place you need to be to begin your installation. 
For any advice before embarking on the installation of wall panels, ceiling panels or flooring, please feel free to call our professional and dedicated customer service team on 01827 794894. 
And if you are still not sure as to which style to choose, then take advantage of our samples service to order compare and contrast any of the panels or finishing trims that we sell.

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