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There is something primal about the look and feel of wood.  Being one of the earliest building materials, its huge variety and range of colours, patterns and textures have become part and parcel of our everyday world, both within our homes as well as outside.  It is probably the material that has been most imitated through other media in order to provide items and finishes to decorate our homes.  And even in an age where almost any pattern or design can be produced as decoration, wood is still a firm favourite when it comes to purchasing cladding.

Within our collection, we have produced designs to try to show wood at its most natural as well as using its attributes as a starting point to create more abstract and manufactured styles.  The most natural designs we have kept to our large, shower panels.  Measuring 2.4m x 1m, it means that the rich variations within the wooden patterns can speak for themselves.  Without the encumberment and limitation of narrower panels, large swathes of timber can be reproduced to give a strong dramatic feel.

When it comes to planking effects, this translates perfectly to our 5mm and 8mm sized products.  Limewash Ash and Distressed Grey Oak both create a planked finish, the former with clean lines of graining and the latter with all the knots and imperfections for which oak is known.  White Ash also creates a grained plank effect, but this time we have achieved this with the use of texture alone.  Using a pure white board gives the light a chance to create the look as it casts subtle shadows within the grain.