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Creating a feature wall or a unique backdrop in your bathroom or kitchen has never been easier. Our collection of black bathroom cladding offers style, substance, and a striking contrast to your home. The deep colour of black undoubtedly makes a bold statement and with a gloss overlay, the aesthetic it brings to a room is one that shouts, ‘look at me’.

Coupled with our varied range of designs, this wall panel range allows your imagination to run wild. Black bathroom cladding brings a modern, chic appearance that will highlight your individual sense of decorative design. In a different vein to popular opinion, having black wall panels on one or two walls can create the appearance of a bigger room if used in juxtaposition to another colour such as white.

To add to the boldness of the colour black, we have also created a selection of distinct designs such as shimmer and sparkle wall panels, offering subtly with our gentle shimmer designs and glitz with our sparkle range. Our rock effect black panel collection are also strong contenders with their natural and realistic appearance that evokes a mighty setting that like the nature of wall panels will stand the test of time.