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Shower panels for walls are a beautiful way to decorate your shower enclosure, being both affordable and easy to install.
Because our shower panels are a meter wide and stretch all the way up to 2.4 meters high, they provide a large impermeable surface.  These wet wall panels have been designed to be 100% waterproof due to their interlock design, creating a completely watertight finish.  And for extra reassurance, we provide a range of trims that can be adhered in to place to continue the seal in those awkward places like corners of rooms and protruding walls.

At Cladding World we have a large range of different finishes. Choose from a range of colours and textures to ensure you get the right look within your bathroom.  From strong blacks, through fashionable greys, subtle patterns, pure whites and glitzy sparkles, all the way through to fun, playful coloured panels, you should be able to find a panel to fit the design and mood of any room.

These considerations, together with the fact that they are easy to install and easy to clean with a detergent and warm water and don’t have any grout that we need to be renewed means that you can have the look you desire now, with the reassurance that it will still be the same look in years to come.

If it is time to “kick out the grout” and move to more modern finish in your bathroom, be safe in the fact that all you need to complete the job could be on your doorstep within days.