Are your bathroom panels waterproof?

All of our panels are 100% waterproof making them ideal for use in bathrooms, showers and wet rooms.

How do I cut the panels?

The panels are cut using a fine tooth hand saw.

Can panels go over existing tiles?

Yes our panels can be fitted over existing tiles.

Are the panels fire rated?

Yes all of our panels are class 1 fire rated.

How are the panels cleaned?

The panels can be wiped down using hot soapy water. No abrasives should be used on the panels.

Are the panels suitable for exterior use?

No, our panels are only suitable for interior use.

Where can I install the panels?

Our panels can be installed in every room of the house. If installing in the kitchen a glass splashback will need to be used behind the hob.

How are the panels installed?

The panels are installed using any solvent free adhesive. In addition 12mm countersunk screws can also be used on the tongue and groove part of the panel before joining the next panel.

Do your panels have tongue and groove edging?

Yes, all of our panels have tongue and groove edging down the lengths of the panel. This enables an easy, seamless installation that saves time and looks amazing too!

Can I add accessories to the panels?

Yes. If installing large objects you will need to make sure the wall has enough support.

What size panels do you offer?

Our 5mm and 8mm panels are 250mm wide by 2.6 metre in length. We offer a 9mm panel which measures 500mm wide by 2550mm in length. Finally our 10mm panel measures 1m wide by 2.4m in length.