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Wall panels are the product upon which the company was built, so it is quite safe to say that we know exactly what we are doing when it comes to these items.  Over the years we have built up many ranges and designs to cater for most, if not all tastes.  From panels based on the patterns of the natural world featuring wood and stone to the high glitz of some of our sparkle collection, they cater for every room from a place of meditation to the bar in the party room.  And with new designs constantly in development, the next designs are rarely more than a few months away

But we realise that most of our products are bought to be used in bathrooms and wet rooms and so we have developed our range to not just very by pattern, but by texture too.  Not only do we have panels that create a planked look with the addition of a groove along the edges and centre of each board, be we also recently created a “Tile Groove” collection that mimic tiles, not only with design, but with texture too due to the addition of incised lines.  These can be used to create both a grid or a staggered brick effect that has the look of tiling, but with an ease of installation, cleaning and maintenance that will save you money and time in the years to come.

Whether its four panels, four hundred or even more, we will be happy to arrange delivery directly to your door.