Rigid Angle Chrome Trim


(Length: 2600mm)

SKU: RAC25 Cladding World

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Rigid Angle: Made to fit where two surfaces project into the room to form an exposed corner, in order to cover the edges of cut panels. We recommend using external corner trims where full height walls are concerned, but they work perfectly for window reveals, bays and other such areas.

Cladding World Finishing Trims

Our variety of finishing trims give any installer the chance to create a clean, pleasing look in any room where panels are being fitted. With three different sizes (10mm, 8mm and 5mm) and three different colours (Black, White and Chrome), all finishing accents can be found within the range.


Using Cladding World finishing trims gives any installation that professional look. Wherever a board needs to be cut, there is a finishing trim to dress the cut edge. And to help the less experienced installer, the depth of the finishing trim gives the installer a certain “wiggle room” when it comes to the precision of the cut.


Using either black, white or chrome finishing trims gives a chance to add an accent of colour to a design. Whether it’s the clean look of the black or white you’re looking for, or the zing of chrome, they may just give that little bit extra that turns a good installation in to a great one.


Finishing trims make getting a waterproof seal much easier. Although the panels fit tightly in to the trims to give a firm seal, we would always recommend running a bead of sealant within the channel of the trim to allow for any movement.