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It is almost impossible to define the word “boutique” when it comes to a style of design.  And although we may use words like “stylish”, “sophisticated”, “subtle”, “niche” or even somewhat “quirky”, it is far easier to point to it when we see it rather than to try and categorise it.  These designs may not be what everyone else may choose for rooms within their home, but it may just be the perfect fit for what you have in mind.  Using our own definition of the term, below, we are happy to show the designs that we feel fit best in to this category.

We have plain blocks or colour, many which have a subtle shimmer that plays with the light to create a shifting feel throughout different parts of the day.  Moving slightly away from plain colours, we have designs that are derived from nature. The patterns that are based on rock formations give you a chance to create the look and feel of a towering edifice, which in the right setting can act as a counterpoint the softness and luxury of modern furnishings.  The warm, familiar look of wood panelling is given modern makeover with our White Ash and Limewash Ash panels to bring you something more contemporary.

And with White Stripes, and White Dew, we use geometric designs as the basis to create a style that can bring interest in an area, whether this is by being the main wall covering, or acting as an accent set against a contrasting zone.