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It is difficult to argue that the modern world is not full of clutter and distractions that take us away from the very process of living.  Whether it is all the electronics we have around us, or the thousand little knickknacks that we seem to accrue along the way, there are times when we just need to “get away from it all”.  Although it began some decades ago, the concept of minimalism in décor is a style of decoration that is becoming more and more prevalent.  If our lives are a story, then sometimes, it is much easier to begin writing on a blank page.

Here, we are showing our range of products that create a clean, unfussy, look that acts as a background upon which you may wish to impose your style.  If you are looking to create a look where the more personal items you own take precedence within a room, then this may be the way for you.

And although we sell plain white panels, either glossy or with a shimmer, do not think that minimal means a sterile white background.  There are other colours within this range that are bold, but the lack, or minimal use of pattern creates interest in a room without becoming its focal point. 


And for even more possibilities within this style, take a look at our Solisse range that take plain coloured background and adds the interest of texture.  A sophisticated look that translates to any room within your home or workplace.