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White, the colour that is often not seen as a colour because it is a blank canvas, the start of artistic creation. A bright and airy colour that evokes nothing other than positive vibes and reflection. It is a necessity to include white within a setting to create a feel of openness whether that is on one wall or two walls, a ceiling, or a full room.

You can pair white with any other colour, adding your own natural flair to your bathroom, kitchen or wet room, no matter the space the colour white will compliment all creative ideas. White illuminates most designs whether loud or minuscule and our white wall cladding range covers all manner of styles. Our white tile effect collection offers a powerful twist on the tile design with its structured like design that brings a definite yet subtle nature to your bathroom.

Alternatively, a simple white panel with a gloss overlay is enough to achieve a bright, clean, and professional finish to your chosen setting. Our selection of white wall panels across the rock, sparkle and minimal collections offers classical designs with a bright and contemporary feel. There is also a selection of white wall panels with embedded twin chrome strip offering a modern twist on popular designs and finishes.