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Responding to our customers’ call to create a collection of panels that mimics both the look and feel of old-fashioned tiling, but with all the intrinsic benefits that our products offer, we are proud to unveil our Tile Groove collection.

Using some of our perennial favourite designs as background as well as bringing some new and exciting design too, these 8mm panels are incised with “grout” lines.  With lines providing the borders all the way along the length of the panels while others run across the design at each 400mm intervals, giving the impression of a tiled wall with each tile measuring 250mm x 400mm.

Because the positions of the lines are the same on each panel, they can be used to create the original grid style of tiling when laid next to each throughout the length of the 2.4m board.  Or they can be offset, by taking 200mm of the end of every other panel before installing them to create the visually appealing staggered effect.  Please not the this will mean that the panels will only be able to be used in 2.2m lengths.

The convenience and speed of installation coupled with the ease of cleaning and the minimal maintenance over time, make these designs the perfect stepping-stone to creating a brand-new bathroom or kitchen with a strong and classic feel.  The look may be traditional, but the technology is modern and the benefits are ageless.