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The need for water in our homes has always necessitated the ability to make walls and floors impervious to it.  Historically, for most of us, this has meant the use of tiles in one way or another.  Even with all the mess of installation, the ongoing maintenance and the compromise of hygiene, it was pretty much the only choice.  It is only we the advent of modern plastics and adhesives that genuine alternatives have been available.

But, over time, the aesthetic of tiling has become part of our collective psyches.  And given the range of possible colours and designs today, we often return to the look of tiles when making the choice of style in our homes.

We have therefore put together a collection of cladding that uses the tile motif as its base.  With our large tile and small tile panels in both light and dark grey, we use shading to intimate the look of tiles without the defined lines between each section.  Whereas, with our Tile Groove options we have gone all out to mimic the look of tiles, but with all the convenience of cladding.  The “grout lines” of the tiles are actually incised in to the surface of the panels to give both the look and feel of tiling.

The variety of background designs that we use to make up the surface of each “tile” vary from pale, subtle white marble and alabaster, to the dramatic, brooding nature of dark hewn slate and granite.  If you want the look of tiling with the ease of cladding, then look below.