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As well as providing stunning coverage and decoration to any interior wall within the home, many of our panels are perfectly suited to ceiling cladding too.  Although any of our 5mm or 8mm panels could be used on the celling, below we have collected the ones that have proved to be the most used by our customers. 

Predominantly pale in nature, they can be used with the same design as the walls, or to provide a contrast with a different design on the walls.  The most popular of the panel types that are used on the ceiling are those that contain the chrome stripes.  When installed, these panels provide a pleasing ridged, plank effect.  And used cleverly, the perspective lines that they create can serve to make any room look longer that it really is.

With the use of battening, we have been to by our trade customers that they also provide a quick and stylish way to cover ugly uneven ceilings.  With battening, we would always recommend that the 8mm panels are used to ensure that there is no sagging and that the battens are no further than 450mm apart.

If you or your installer are planning to use our ceiling panels in conjunction with wall panels, we would always suggest that you install the ceiling panels first.  This will give you the ability to use our coving trims at the head of the wall panels to create a clean finish.  Equally, a silicone bead, or any other type of scotia can be used to create that refined finish.