Vilaggio Commissioned Art Range of Acrylic Shower Panels 1220mm x 2440mm - Acrylic Splash

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This Vilaggio range of artworks are being exclusively marketed only here on CladdingWorld, so you can be confident that you are getting a totally unique and high quality expression of art combined with the ultimate in cladding wall panel materials - Acrylic.

 You may be wondering how you make best use of these amazing pieces of art fusion in your bathroom?

 We've found that most of our distinguished customers choose our Vilaggio Wall panels to stand out from the crowd.

The typical format of installation is to choose either 1 or 2 Vilaggio Art panels as the focal point in a shower, then pick a complementary colour and material for the remainder of the bathroom.

This focuses

the attention firmly on the Art that was designed to be admired.

Complementary finishes for the remainder of the bathroom range from Solid colour Acrylic Sheets also available from CladdingWorld from the Vilaggio brand, or any type of wall cladding equally sold by us, to a complementary tile available from many DIY stores.

Purple Acrylic Splash - With inspiration taken from New York art scene of the 1940s and 1950s, we commissioned an original piece that would work just as well on a single panel, or as a repeating pattern across multiple acrylic panels.  The purple makes this a vibrant twist on the original and brings it completely up to date.

Blue Acrylic Splash - Describing this version as blue is a little misleading because as well as using a royal blue as a base, it also uses paler blues and green hues to complete a more subtle effect.

Red Acrylic Splash  - Again the description of red does not tell the full story of this composition.  The shaded pink background overlaid with creams, off-white and a red-brown accent give an optical effect of red.  But that begins to break down as you get closer.

Green Acrylic Splash  - A classic style mixed with a modern take on the colour scheme.  Multiple shades of green fused with an off-white and then brought to life with a bold purple makes for a contemporary finish in any bathroom.

Grey Acrylic Splash  - Alost keeping to pastel shades, the pale yellow and the darker blue balance perfectly again a sea of pale blues and greys bring this version to a wider range of tastes.

Key Points
Vilaggio Exlcusive Designs
Installs up to 6 times quicker than tiles.
Rear printed design.
Able to be cut and drilled with normal power tools
Absolutely 100% waterproof when installed correctly
Available in 3mm or 5mm thickness options
Can be fitted over the top of tiles and existing walls
Delivered by specialist courier
Highly scratch resistant and very easy to clean
Designed & Made in the UK
Repeatable Pattern, Designed to make a seamless design across large areas if required.
Dimensions & Specifications
Height 2400 to 2440mm
Width 1200mm to 1220mm
Depth Available in 3mm or 5mm options
Weight 12.5kg to 18.5kg
Joint Type Square Edge
Material Acrylic
Texture Flat
Finish Silk to Gloss
Panel Style Vilaggio
Colour Design Dependent
Range Name Murmuration
Shape Rectangular
Style Contemporary
Delivery Information
£49.99 - Delivered on pallets. (Product is not available for delivery to Northern Island, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and Scottish Highlands and Islands.)
Delivered direct from our factory
Allow up to 14 days for Delivery as all Vilaggio Art Acrylic is made to order