Sample of Purple Sparkle & Chrome 5mm Bathroom Cladding PVC Wall Panels


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The colour of royalty is given a brand-new twist with the contrast of silver sparkles embedded in the surface of this bathroom panel.  The depth of colour is accentuated by the brilliance of the glitter flakes to deliver a theatrical charm unequalled across the spectrum.  For those looking for a more defined look, the addition of chrome strips along the length of the wall panels creates a plank like structure that can either be used as a look in itself, or placed against plain version of the design to create a striking variation.

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By now, you have already seen some of the designs we have to offer.  If this sparkle design is not quite right for the setting you have in mind, then there many other variations with the sparkle range.  Alternatively, you could choose from a boutique, rock and tile finish, instead.  And colours range from black to white and many inbetween.  The choices are almost endless. And this is as true for our shower panel and ceiling panels as it for this wall panel


How often have you finished renovating a room and been dissatisfied with the finish?  As with our shower panel and ceiling panels, Cladding World wall panels give you a chance to get exactly the finish that you require without the extra expense of hiring professionals.  Days of tiling can be reduced to just hours of cladding with our extensive range of coverings.  


The installation of these 5mm wall panels is simple enough that a DIYer with little experience and a minimum of tools can compete with the more experienced to create a delightful finish for any room in the house.  Slotting together with a simple tongue and groove fixing, many of the stumbling blocks for beginners are taken away.   


Gone are the days where most of the time taken on a makeover is concerned with preparation.  Because it can be installed on top of a range of previous wall coverings, these Purple Sparkle & Chrome 5mm wall panels can start to transform your room within minutes.  And that is the same for our 8mm and 10mm ranges too.  No need to destroy your old bathroom or kitchen before turning it in to your new one. 


Whether choosing this marvellous Purple Sparkle & Chrome or exploring boutique, rock and tile designs, or trying colours ranging from black to white any many in between our collection gives you the chance to tailor an individual look to suit you. And our finishing trims add the accent to complete the look.


No grout means no place for bacteria to hide.?Your clean and fresh look will remain so with just the application of hot soapy water.