Grey Marble 5mm Bathroom Cladding Wet Wall Panels

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Introducing the Grey Marble 5mm Wall and Shower Panel by Cladding World. This sleek and sophisticated panel offers a modern twist on traditional marble design. At 5mm thick, it provides a sturdy and durable solution for your walls and shower.
The waterproof feature ensures longevity and easy maintenance, perfect for high-moisture areas like bathrooms. With its easy installation process and no grout requirement, the Grey Marble panel offers a seamless and hassle-free upgrade to your space.
Transform your home with the timeless elegance of Grey Marble, brought to you by Cladding World

    Product Specification

    5mm Thickness

    2600mm x 250mm

    0.65 Sq (m) coverage Per Panel

    100% Waterproof

    Tongue & Groove

    PLEASE NOTE: Cladding World's batches regularly change, we would advise placing 1 order for the total quantity needed. This is to avoid receiving different batches; we will not be held liable for the return cost if you receive a different batch when placing two separate orders over a period of time.

    PLEASE NOTE: Do not store or cut any panels and trims outside, as direct sunlight will cause discolouration. We are unable to refund you if damage occurs due to the items being left outside.

    By now, you have already seen some of the designs we have to offer.  If this design is not quite right for the setting you have in mind, then there many other variations with the different ranges. Alternatively, you could choose from a boutique, Sparkle, rock and tile finish, instead.  And colours range from black to white and many in between.  The choices are almost endless. And this is as true for our shower panel and ceiling panels as it for this wall panel.
    Here at Cladding World, we like to bring you the very best brands in the cladding industry and here we have the extremely well priced 5mm Claddtech range. 

    With a unique finish, a professional look is key.  And that is exactly what you get when using Cladding World wall panels. Our beautiful crafted designs instantly delivery a finish that is only added to by the addition to of our finishing accessories.

    The chic style created in a room with these beautiful unique wall panels is achieved with tongue and groove panels that fit easily and seamlessly together.  No complicated fixings or specialist tools are needed; just the vision to make it happen and some basic DIY tools.   

    Preparation for the installation of our Wall & Ceiling panels is easy. Rather than stripping a wall back to bare plaster or brick and starting from scratch, our shower panels can be fitted over previous finishes. They can cover other wall finishes including tiles and previously installed panels as just as well they were being installed on to a newly prepared background.

    Whether choosing this marvellous Panel or exploring boutique, rock and tile designs, or trying colours ranging from black to white any many in between our collection gives you the chance to tailor an individual look to suit you. And our finishing trims add the accent to complete the look.

    No grout means no place for bacteria to hide. Your clean and fresh look will remain so with just the application of hot soapy water.