Flamingo Acrylic Shower Wall Panel Nature Collection Quality Bathroom Panel 2.44m x 1.22m

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A tropical paradise with an exotic bird bursting with summery, pina colada type flavours. This glass like effect Vilaggio bathroom wall panel will offer your room a unique and colourful ambience. 


A perfect feature panel that could be used as a continuous backdrop in a workplace because of it's clever patterned matched design. Alternative having one panel in your shower enclosure and choose a separate wall panel to compliment your fruitful design.

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What are Acrylic Wall Panels?

Acrylic wall panels are a robust, super strong glass-like product made from cast acrylic which has superior chemical resistance to other materials such as extruded acrylic and PVC. Cast Acrylic sheets are manufactured by pouring monomer between two sheets of high quality glass and polymerised. The chosen high quality print is then printed onto the acrylic sheet using our state of the art super large format high resolution printer with resolution up to 2400 dpi (better than your average High Resolution photos)

Where Can I Use Acrylic Wall Panels?

Acrylic wall panels can are suitable for both domestic and commercial areas. These Acrylic wall panels are perfect for your shower areas, full bathrooms, offices, communal areas

Why Should I choose Acrylic Wall Panels? 

A durable material that allows for unique shapes to be cut to suit the required area. Our Acrylic panels exhibit glass-like qualities such as transparency (to emphasise the high quality print), translucency, brilliance and clarity, but with shatterproof properties of up to 25x the strength of glass. Also, acrylic wall panels are half the weight


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