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Home Vilaggio Fine Art Acrylic Panels

We are so impressed with our unique collection of Vilaggio designs that we've entered them in to a host of fine art competitions.

We're pretty confident you will be equally wowed when you see these pieces of fine art in person.

This Vilaggio range of artworks are being exclusively marketed only here on CladdingWorld, so you can be confident that you are getting a totally unique and high quality expression of art combined with the ultimate in cladding wall panel materials - Acrylic.


You may be wondering how you make best use of these amazing pieces of art fusion in your bathroom?

 We've found that most of our distinguished customers choose our Vilaggio Wall panels to stand out from the crowd.

The typical format of installation is to choose either 1 or 2 Vilaggio Art panels as the focal point in a shower, then pick a complementary colour and material for the remainder of the bathroom.

This focuses the attention firmly on the Art that was designed to be admired.

Complementary finishes for the remainder of the bathroom range from Solid colour Acrylic Sheets also available from CladdingWorld from the Vilaggio brand, or any type of wall cladding equally sold by us, to a complementary tile available from many diy stores.


Why buy Vilaggio Acrylic sheet wall panels?

We offer our acrylic in either 3mm or 5mm thickness options.

Both offer amazing coverage and robust long lasting designs, so it really does come down to your personal preference.

Vilaggio acrylic is up to 20 times stronger than glass, yet equally hardwearing.

It's fantastic optics make it even better for showing off these amazing art pieces than glass.

Should you somehow manage to scratch it, which is unlikely, acrylic can be oplished so that the scratches disappear.

As our images are printed on the rear of the acrylic, the imperviousness to any water or moisture in the bathroom is second to none, making these Vilaggioi panels the ultimate product to clad your bathroom with.

We are also seeing a rising trend in using these Vilaggio panels in offices, reception areas and hotels.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or alternatively, you can visit our headquarters showroom to see these amazing pieces up close and personal.