Grey Shimmer 5mm Bathroom Cladding Wet Wall Panels

£6.95 Per Panel

(£9.21 per m²)

(Panel Size: 250mm x 2600mm)

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Almost imperceptible upon a grey background, the lustre of glitter lifts the mood of the room in the gentlest of manners. This sparkle panel creates a calm and sophisticated air that shimmers brilliantly under any light scheme.

Cladding World Finishing Trims


From this Grey Shimmer design all the way to boutique, rock and wood panels, the Cladding World range is extensive. Once you add the choices of 8mm and 10mm sized bathroom panels to the mix, the choices are seemingly endless,  Whether shopping by colour, by size or by style, the Cladding World website will show you around all the possibilities.  


The choice of Grey Shimmer gives a wonderful aspect to any room.  But our range is extensive, with looks including boutique, rock and wood and colours from black to white and many in between.


The installation of these 5mm wall panels is simple enough that a DIYer with little experience and a minimum of tools can compete with the more experienced to create a delightful finish for any room in the house.  Slotting together with a simple tongue and groove fixing, many of the stumbling blocks for beginners are taken away.   


Preparation for the installation of our Grey Shimmer 5mm wall panels is easy.?Rather than stripping a wall back to bare plaster or brick and starting from scratch, our shower panels can be fitted over previous finishes.?They can cover other wall finishes including tiles and previously installed panels as just as well they were being installed on to a newly prepared background.


Whether choosing this marvellous Grey Shimmer or exploring boutique, rock and wood designs, or trying colours ranging from black to white any many in between our collection gives you the chance to tailor an individual look to suit you. And our finishing trims add the accent to complete the look.


No grout means no place for bacteria to hide.?Your clean and fresh look will remain so with just the application of hot soapy water.

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