Anthracite Mist & Chrome 5mm Bathroom Cladding PVC Wall Panels

£6.95 Per Panel

(£9.98 per m²)

(Panel Size: 250mm x 2600mm)

SKU: AMC5 Cladding World

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Taking inspiration from the wetted rocks of a lake, this modern wall panel combines matt and gleaming tones that gives a freshness and vibrancy to the inherent rugged nature of stone.   For those looking for a more defined look, the addition of chrome strips along the length of the wall panels creates a plank like structure that can either be used as a look in itself, or placed against plain version of the design to create a striking variation.

Cladding World Finishing Trims


From this Anthracite Mist & Chrome design all the way to wood, boutique and minimal panels, the Cladding World range is extensive. Once you add the choices of 8mm and 10mm sized bathroom panels to the mix, the choices are seemingly endless,  Whether shopping by colour, by size or by style, the Cladding World website will show you around all the possibilities.  


The choice of Anthracite Mist & Chrome gives a wonderful aspect to any room.  But our range is extensive, with looks including wood, boutique and minimal and colours from black to white and many in between.


With a straightforward installation process, Cladding World, 5mm wall panels fit easily together with a tongue and groove fixing.  This offers even novice DIYers?the chance to?transform a room quickly and with ease.? Just check out our installation video to see just how effortlessly you can bring?new life to your home or workplace.? 


Preparation for the installation of our Anthracite Mist & Chrome 5mm wall panels is easy.?Rather than stripping a wall back to bare plaster or brick and starting from scratch, our shower panels can be fitted over previous finishes.?They can cover other wall finishes including tiles and previously installed panels as just as well they were being installed on to a newly prepared background.


Whether choosing this marvellous Anthracite Mist & Chrome or exploring wood, boutique and minimal designs, or trying colours ranging from black to white any many in between our collection gives you the chance to tailor an individual look to suit you. And our finishing trims add the accent to complete the look.


No grout means no place for bacteria to hide.?Your clean and fresh look will remain so with just the application of hot soapy water.