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Home Adhesives

Adhesives and sealants are a key part of any installation.  The panels have to stick and the seals need to be watertight; it’s that simple.  At Cladding World, we supply standard sized tubes of silicone to be used in conjunction with a chalking gun.  Our products are high flexibility have a wide operating temperature range, and are resistant to humidity, mould & mildew.

Lease note that silicone is a product that needs to cure.  This is often referred to as drying time or time to “go off”, but it is more than this.  Once out of the tube and exposed to air the product changes chemically.  This can take between twenty-four hours and several days and is affected by external factors.  In order to cure, the temperature needs to be between 5°C and 35°C and the humidity between 5% and 95%.  The amount of the surface area exposed to the air is also a factor.  So, when it is used as a thing bead of sealant around a bath for instance, it will cure far quicker than when it is used as an adhesive in thicker applications.

When using silicone, always ensure that all surfaces that are to come in to contact with the silicone adhesive are free from loose debris and dust, are grease free and clean.  On smooth surfaces, use sandpaper to roughen up the surface where the silicone will stick to provide a “key”.  For the best results with our panels, we recommend that so you silicone each panel in place, wherever possible, screw the panel to the substructure with small countersunk screws alone the length of the lower, play plat of the tongue in the tongue and groove fixing system.  This will allow for the next panel to be put in to place without the screws fouling the link.